A bug on github - git-receive-pack not permitted - with EGIT

I am using eclipse EGIT - until last month, all was working well.
Suddenly, today when I try to push I got this error:

Can’t connect to any repository: … (https://github.com/yim222/my-repo: git-receive-pack not permitted on ‘https://github.com/yim222/my-repo/’)

It’s happening from the other computer too.

I search a lot on the web and saw some solutions, and works around, like using token or send some command and configuration through out the git-bash.

But I think that it’s related to some github problem and the community should give it a clean and simple solution.

Thanks in advanced.

Recently GitHub has dropped support for using the account password for Git operations, requiring instead to use the PAT (Private Access Token). If you haven’t changed your Git/Git tools settings to use the PAT, then that might be the problem.