A bit new to Discord's API, (and coding in general) can't figure out cmds args

const Discord = require ('discord.js');

const client = new Discord.Client();

const prefix = '!';

const fs = require('fs');

client.commands = new Discord.Collection();

const commandFiles = fs.readdirSync('./commands/').filter(file => file.endsWith('.js'));
for(const file of commandFiles){
    const command = require(`./commands/${file}`);
    client.commands.set(command.name, command);

client.once('ready', () => {
    console.log('Logged in! ');

client.on('message', message =>{
    if(!message.content.startsWith(prefix) || message.author.bot) return;

    const args = message.content.slice(prefix.length).trim().split(/ +/g);
    const command = args.shift().toLowerCase();

    if(command === 'ping'){
        client.commands.get('ping').execute(message, args);
    } else if (command === 'help'){
        client.commands.get('help').execute(message, args);
    } else if (command === 'mute'){
        client.commands.get('mute').execute(message, args);

const Discord = require('discord.js');

module.exports = {
    name: 'mute',
    desciption: "Mute a user.",
    execute(message, args){
        const muteEmbed = new Discord.MessageEmbed;
        const userMuted = message.mentions.members.first();

        muteEmbed.setTitle('**${args[0]} Muted!**');
        muteEmbed.setDescription('To unmute them, use `!unmute [user]`!');
        muteEmbed.setFooter('Private bot by Eklipse#3888');



This is my main.js and mute.js which works except the argument placeholder (is that the right word?)
I’ve tried ${userMuted.tag} and what I have there, ${args[0]} and two other version without the ‘$’. I’ve been at this trying different sources, changing my code, for two days so far andI would really appreciate the help! I’m also new to Github as you can probably expect, so if this isn’t the right place to ask for help please just tell me.

Thank you! Have a great and healthy day.