7 days on, and still waiting on support

Over 7 days now… and support has still failed to respond

I raised Account flagged as spam initially… which you closed with your generic “we cant answer this in public” response, it isn’t helpful in the least.

I have even tried to contact enterprise sales since its the only number you list… “sorry we are sales we cant help”.

Can you please … some one for the love of god PLEASE JUST RESOLVE MY ACCOUNT!!!, stop acting like a faceless company, multiple users are complaining in here of the same thing, its frustrating to say the least.

The support ticket is #753683

I have also posted this thread on reddit/r/github to get some community eyes on this. users should not be waiting this long to get support.

Come on github this is ridiculous fix this guys account already

Hi @venomousnz, thanks for your patience. As you mentioned and to protect your privacy we are unable to discuss account specifics in a public forum, one thing I can share is that our team has received and will review your latest response to the original support request ASAP.