500 Internal Server Error when Join to my Course

I created the course https://lab.github.com/gastonambrogi/brujeria-y-github/ and now it shows me a 500 error.

I dont understand why the course are in this state and I can’t see a log about the error.
I just see this page. Deleting the autogenerated repo, I back to initial state and when I join to the course again, this page comes back.
The config.yml is valid (validating it with the online course editor) and the responses are just Markdown. 
The course is “ready to use”. The last change I pushed to the course was responses fixes and then it crashed.

Someone knows how can I fix it? 

Hi @gastonambrogi,

It appears that this course is functioning correctly and no longer providing a 500 error. I clicked on the link and I was able to join the course! 

Let us know if you’re continuing to see issues with joining.


@gastonambrogi thank you for reporting this to us. Do you happen to remember if the course was in draft status at the time you saw the 500 error? I took a look at our logs and don’t see anything that stands out, but we had a similar report a couple weeks ago that we have been unable to reproduce. Are you still seeing a 500 when you try to access the course?

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Yes, the course is now working.

That error appeared last week, after fix some responses on that course in ‘Published’ status.

Thank you @a-a-ron and @crichidfor your time :slight_smile: