500 error when trying to view the third page of starred repo

This problem happened several days ago and clearing the cache doesn’t help. I wonder if this is a bug or not or someone can help me with it. Otherwise, I can’t view starred repos.

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That’s annoying! Could I ask you to try a couple things and report back?

  1. Try it again as normal to make sure it wasn’t a temporary glitch.

  2. Try viewing your starred repos using a Private Browsing or Incognito window without logging in (from your profile page https://github.com/millenniumparade) and then also when logged in. If this works, it could be that there’s a browser extension interfering.

Let us know how it goes!

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Thank you for your response! I have tried to go to the third page of starred since last week and I failed every time. I also tried to use Incognito window and the problem still exists. I also disabled all extensions in normal Chrome browser with logging in and the problem still exists. I tried Safari and got the same error on the third page.

There are three sort methods to list all starred repos. This third-page-500-error problem appeared first time when I select recently starred . Then I tried Most stars to sort repos, and I can see at most 7 or 8 pages and then I get 500 error. Recently active has the same problem too. I also asked my friend to view my starred repos list and she also got a 500 error. I picked several random people who star at least 100 repos in Github and I haven’t encounter 500 error.

Thanks so much for trying all that.

I dug a little deeper this time and it appears that others have seen this issue and we already have engineers working on a fix.

Please accept our apologies for this malfunction. We’ll get your stars working again as soon as we can.