500 error when trying to access my repo

I have forked a repository some time ago, and after fetching an original repository changes my fork seems to be broken: https://github.com/Syler1984/seismo-transformer

I receive constant 500 error trying to access its web page, I cannot clone it and cannot push anything into its main branch either.

Error i receive when trying to push into main branch:

remote: fatal: did not receive expected object 1683a21ecb432484e03fc618849797b893dc3e69

Error when trying to pull or clone point out to the same tree object:

remote: fatal: bad tree object 1683a21ecb432484e03fc618849797b893dc3e69

Datetime of this object creation seems to be the exact time I fetched changes from the original repo.

Okay, i managed to revert the changes which fixed 500 error. But I am still unable to clone this repo: https://github.com/Syler1984/seismo-transformer

I just reverted my first revert and everything seems to be working. Any idea what even happened in the first place?