404 when trying to install a Github app via public URL


I am in the process of developing a Github app. I’ve created a test app under my account. Now I am trying to install the app with a test user using the following URL [https://github.com/apps/\<app name\>/installations/new?state=AB12t](https://github.com/apps/%3Capp%20name%3E/installations/new?state=AB12t)

This redirects to a 404.

I’ve also tried following the step in from https://developer.github.com/apps/installing-github-apps/#allowing-people-to-install-your-public-app-on-their-repository to provide a public URL but it seems that the setting interface has changed a no longer the public URL field.

Anyone has encountered this before?

Thanks a lot for the help.


I just tried this with one of the Probot apps I contribute to using: https://github.com/apps/mistaken-pull-closer/installations/new and didn’t get a 404. Are you not replacing the text \<app name\> with the name of your GitHub App?