404 when reusing the name of an old repository

I confirm that the problem reported here – https://github.community/t5/GitHub-Pages/pages-user-site-not-published/m-p/35156/highlight/true#M2246 – does appears to be a problem.

  1. Create a repo – e.g. https://github.com/cwellsx/views – and give it an associated GitHub page i.e. https://cwellsx.github.io/views/
  2. Rename the repo – https://github.com/cwellsx/views-old – GitHub page is renamed i.e. https://cwellsx.github.io/views-old/
  3. Create a new repo, give it the same name as the old repo – e.g. https://github.com/cwellsx/views – and give it a GitHub page … The new GitHub page is 404
  4. Rename the new repo to give it a new name (e.g. “view” instead of “views”) – the new GitHub page is now visible.

Expected behaviour is that I ought to be able to reuse a previous repository name.

Hi, @cwellsx!

You can certainly re-use old repository names for publishing new GitHub Pages sites.

You might, however, experience lingering 404 errors or out-of-date content due to browser caching. This is a common source of confusion, but can typically be resolved by simply clearing your browser’s cache.

If you have a live example where this doesn’t seem to resolve the trouble, please share the relevant links, and we can look into it further.



Thanks for replying.

Sorry, this looks like my mistake somehow – I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem I reported above.