404 on GitHub Sponsor

I have reported some persistent donation to my GitHub Sponsor page which I found weird via ticket but my account was put on 404 instead of fixing the suspicion or possibly blocked. My GitHub Sponsor page is no longer available.

Can my issue be addressed as to why this happened?

:wave: Welcome to the Community!

I’m sorry you’re having that trouble. I can see that your report is being investigated. Because of the personal information involved, we’ll have to leave this issue to the support team to handle with you privately.

I hope you can get sorted out quickly!

How long is the wait period for a GitHub Sponsor account issue like to be sorted?

This is a pretty unique situation, so there isn’t much to go on in terms of giving you an estimate. If it’s a routine problem, that’s easy! But when it’s something new like this, sometimes we just have to wait until it can be evaluated and fixed. I can see you’ve been back in touch, and the team doing the review should be in touch with you soon.

I’m really sorry you’ve encountered this and we are grateful for your patience. We know it’s difficult waiting.