404 not found my website is not publishing

i have a repository https://captiongram.github.io/caption.github.io/ but when ever i open it ,they show 404 error not found can you please help me to publish my website its not publishing i waited for more than an hour.

this one is my url showing in repository settings

If you want a user page (One that shows under :username.github.io) will you need to take some specific steps:

  1. The repo name has to match :username.github.io (:username would be your username, not displayed name)
  2. The content has to be on the master branch. User pages don’t accept the gh-pages branch or the docs folder as alternatives… Idk why that is.
    The page also only uses valid files which afaiak are markdown, html, css and javascript files and images.

It also may take some time for GitHub to actually “build” your page and make it ready, so you should try it after 10 minutes or so.

If you however want to have a separate page (which would appear under :username.github.io/:repository) will you need to make sure, that you provide valid files in the right directions.
Those kind of pages allow you to use the gh-pages branch (often recommendet), the docs folder on the master branch or just the master branch itself (which is your case right now).

Same rules in terms of allowed files and build time apply here too.

I hope I was able to answer some questions.

@captiongram you have to enter the direct link, like what @andre601 said. You have to enter the folder’s name, and then the your file’s name.

This is the working link:

Your username is captiongram, your respository is captiongram.github.io but you need to also enter your folder name in the link, as GitHub does not do this for you.

It’s also best if you put images and HTML files in separate folders. :slight_smile:


thnkxx its working now i can see my website online


Your welcome, @captiongram! I’m glad it helped :grin:

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again i’m in trouble .In my webpage there is a button “services” in that i have put 3 options “whatsapp”,“Facebook”,“Instagram” they are not working can u please help!!

next links i’am not able to paste due to new user guidelines
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The filenames that you use in the href attribute are case-significant. What this means is that Whatsapp.html is considered to be a different file from whatsapp.html because the W in the filename is a different case. So you need to change the text you’re using in your href attributes in services.html to match the actual filenames you have in your repository.

I created a pull request to show you what I mean. I hope that helps!


I am facing the same issue.Please help.
i have a repository https://github.com/sanyam-2407/sanyamm] but when ever i open it ,they show 404 error not found can you please help me to publish my website its not publishing i waited for more than an hour.
website link:https://sanyam-2407.github.io/sanyamm/

thank you for the help

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It also helps me to do better with top ten racquets in tennis but my error is not resolved totally …at somewhere it is open correctly and somewhere is not working…