404 Not found after publishing container image

I published a container package to the ghcr.io container repo from a github action, but I get a “Not Found” page (404 status) when trying to view the package on the web.

The package link appears on the repo, and also appears on growse (Andrew Rowson) / Packages · GitHub but clicking the link (https://github.com/growse/growse.com-blog/pkgs/container/growse.com-blog) gives the 404.

I’m aware packages are published private by default, but I should be able to see it when I’m logged in, right?

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Seems to be an issue with having a dot in the container name. Experiencing the same issue myself. Uploading the exact same package without a dot works just fine.

Appears that the issue from this topic is happening again.

Having the same issue. This isn’t a 404 issue, it’s that containers created with dots in them (i.e. this.is.a.container) partially work in ghcr. You can’t view a container with dots in ghcr, the page shown simply says “Not Found”. You can, however, pull the container, so it’s there, somewhere.

Examples: chfromyah / Packages · GitHub

Same project, same workflow “Publish Docker Container” (by GitHub Actions). Only change between container creation is changing “tags:”, ex:

      tags: ${{ steps.meta.outputs.tags }}
      - or -
      tags: ghcr.io/chfromyah/container-with-dashes:main

Containers created with dots can’t be viewed. Containers with underscores or dashes are fine.

We are actively working on a fix for the 404 issue when the package name contains a dot. We’ll do our best to get the fix out as quickly as possible.

Shayne Burgess
Engineer Manager - Packages

This should be fixed now and you should be able to view your package. Please let us know if you cannot.

Thanks for your patience,

Looks like it’s been fixed here. Thanks!

Confirming fix as well. Thx! :+1:

Yes, appears to be fixed. Appreciated!