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Hello, I just published my first site on GitHub pages, and it’s coming up 404. I have an HTML file named index.html, but I’m unsure of what else to do. Thanks in advance. Here’s the website https://kamrynnj.github.io/WebtoonOrganizer/

Hello @KamrynNJ, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

Looking over your repository’s structure, you’ll want to put the index.html file in the root of the repository so that it’s accessible from: https://kamrynnj.github.io/WebtoonOrganizer/

You currently have it in a sub directory called html, so the page is available here instead: https://kamrynnj.github.io/WebtoonOrganizer/html/

can u look my site as well this: https://studmuffin30.github.io/BBclone.github.io/
my html show up but for some reason the css didnt,im sure i target it right href=“css/index.css”

Hey @studmuffin30, I hope you don’t mind me jumping in.

I’ve just had a quick look at your site and it looks like it’s displaying correctly to me:

If you’re still having any issues seeing the CSS take effect, let’s see if clearing your browsers cookies and cache helps?

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Thank you it fixed the problem instantly.

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