404 for just one file?

Why would GitHub Pages fail to serve a single file when it’s serving the rest of the page without error?

I’m hosting an online version of my Curriculum Vitae with GitHub Pages. It works fine, but there’s one 404 error in the console. It’s for a <video> element with multiple <source> elements. The first choice (mp4) doesn’t load, so one of the alternates (webm) does.

404 at: https://vaggrippino.github.io/CVRemix/Coverr/MP4/Love-coding.mp4
no 404 at: https://vaggrippino.github.io/CVRemix/Coverr/WEBM/Love-Coding.webm

The repo is at https://github.com/VAggrippino/CVRemix

Hi @vaggrippino,

You have a typo which is causing this problem. Your mp4 file is located at https://vaggrippino.github.io/CVRemix/Coverr/MP4/Love-Coding.mp4 with both capital “L” and capital “C” whereas your link has only a capital “L”.



:grimacing: That figures… I checked and double-checked and still didn’t see that. It just goes to show that it always helps to have a second set of eyes. Thank you!