404 Error


Yesterday i change the name from my Repository from “petergyger.github.io” to a other name.

Then i create a new Repository (Test Use) and use this Domain Name.

After the Test i changend back. But now i habe a Error:  “404 There isn’t a GitHub Pages site here”.

What can be the reason? What can i check?

Thanks a lot for every hint.



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Probably it takes more than a day to change the gh-page. Try to check if the options for that page still right, you can find them in settings->options and near the bottom before the danger zone there is “Github Pages”. Maybe the source changed.




Thank you for your Reply.

GitHub write it needs maximum 10 Min and not one Day.

In these case i never change this TLD Setting. 

Sorry for the leazy Question: What are the Alternatives to use GitHub with a TLD like mydomain.org or mydomain.net?



Hey @petergyger , if you are looking for how to set custom domain name like (www.test.com) on github pages then here is the info page you shuld take a look https://help.github.com/en/articles/using-a-custom-domain-with-github-pages , i hope it helps you.