404 Error with GITHub Pages

I am trying to create a static page so I can use the link for a Coursera course, but whenever I click on the static page, I get a 404 error. I have the Index.html and CSS page in there, but it is not loading and it is infuriating trying to figure out what is wrong with it.

URLs for GitHub pages are caps specific and Index.html (with a capital) isn’t a recognized default index page.

What you created is actually https://jessenoland01.github.io/Coursera-Test.github.io/Index.html which does load if you access it.

If you want content directly on jessenoland01.github.io then that needs to be your repo name.

That was the thing, I tried having it without caps and it didn’t work for me before. The Assignment Solution for Module Two you posted works.
I greatly appreciate the help.

I tweaked my post so that the content was more obvious.