404 error when sharing

When I share a private repository, the people who received the email link are getting a 404 error when they try to access the repository. Any ideas? There is only one folder with simple code in the repository.


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A private repository is simply that, private. It is only accessible to you and the people that you explicitly grant access to. In order for you to grant access to people, they must have a GitHub account, then you can follow the instructions for inviting an outside collaborator to your repository.

I hope that helps!


So if I enter an email and the person doesn’t have a Github account, will the email direct them to make a Github account? Then they can access my repository with that account? I added an invite to an email and the recipient is getting a 404 error from the link in the email.

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Yes, here’s what it looks like if there is not already a GitHub account associated with the email address you entered:

There are also instructions specifically for what to do if you’re receiving a 404 error in the email, which states that they should be logged in to the GitHub account associated with the email address.


Hello Team,

I was wondering if you may be able to assist here as I am completely new to GitHub and am having issues when sharing my public repository.

I believe I have follow the steps to the letter, however the link (https://adzi1992.github.io/CV/) leads to a page which just says “CV”.

Could anyone please advise what I am doing wrong? I have tried leaving the link for a day but the issue persists.