404 error There isn't a GitHub Pages site here

I created my git hub page, had my index.html in place along with other of my documents in my git hub repo. Then while trying to open the page a 404 error **There isn’t a GitHub Pages site here popped up.
link to my github page:-https://craziefingers.github.io/

Have you turned your Github Pages setting to branch: main and folder root.
Maybe you should provide more infomation about your issue.

Even if you do changed the settings, github is experencing some issues at the moment so hold tight!

yeah I have done that and still showing the same stuff

I think you are right because I have done everything possible but still showing the same stuff.

Same here. Currently the gh-actions (https://www.githubstatus.com/) is down. There is a chance that the gh-pages is using gh-actions to deploy things

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How long do you think it would take before they get it back up and running again…

I have no idea, but they just started to notice it.


I am suffering since afternoon.