404 error : There isn't a GitHub Pages site here

I created a project and uploaded it on github but now when visiting it I am getting an 404 error here the link to my site :- https://akanksha26281.github.io/Tic-tac-toe/

Hi @akanksha26281, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! GitHub Pages looks for an index.html, index.md, or README.md file to serve by default. Your repository doesn’t have any of these files so your Pages site will show a 404.

Your site is online at the following link:


To fix this you’ll need to rename your 1_tic-tac-toe.html to index.html and then it’ll show up without needing to add the filename to the end of your URL.

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Thanks @thomasshaped for your help my previous issue is solved. Can you tell me why my other two css and js file are not loading :sweat_smile:

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It looks like just a filename issue for both of them! Your code is looking for this file:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="tic-tac-toe.css">

But the actual name of that file is:


It’s the same issue with your JS file too. You’ll need to rename bot of these so they match the filenames in your HTML and then they’ll load :tada:

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Oops thanks, my issue is solved : )

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Hi I followed the same procedures that you gave akanksha but am still having my page not loading up. it still showing the 404 error… This is the link to my site:-https://craziefingers.github.io/

it’s already working, right? I checked it just now

Hi, I tried hosting my website on github pages and my repo has an index.html file and also a readme file but I am still getting back an error after waiting for five hours now.

Heres a link GitHub - FlowKeyz1996/gym-web