404 error - site says published, but it doesn't display

hi all-

tried my hand at building a little site as a gag gift, but i’m running into a wall.

repo is available at GitHub - readyourfuckingemail/readyourfuckingemail.github.io.

i’m using a custom domain name readyourfuckingemail dot com, pointed at readyourfuckingemail_github_io. there’s a cname file in my repo with that custom domain as well.

gh-pages settings says my site is published at http://www.readyourfuckingemail_com, but that link displays the 404 error “site not found”.

any tips? once i can get it to display, any tips for enabling https as well?

if you can go back to the steps, before changing the default address to your custom domain, that will be great, it’s great to have small steps and make sure you are getting results than putting all at once and then when problem arises it’s really hard to tell,

because at your Deployment history, it says it’s active

we do not know what happened when you changed the address,

for custom domain, there are several considerations, like in the past days, if you have the same Namecheap provider, that might be the cause,

the other one is DNS configuration where some IP addresses are not GitHub Pages, because when I ping your custom domain, it’s request timed out, it is not reachable or really down,

Also looking for this. Do you apply the solution? Can you please share in detail? Thanks in advance. Regards: https://apkrage.com/