404 error on js file in my html file

Here is the github link:https://tmdheman.github.io/coursera-test/mod4-sol/

When i work in my pc storage it works completely fine but in github it is always causing error.


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Hey, welcome to the GitHub Support Community! I see your repository for your project’s GitHub Pages site and it also seems to be loading correctly, however the reason you are getting a 404 error is because the mod4-sol directory does not exist in your repository on the gh-pages branch. Therefore, https://tmdheman.github.io/coursera-test/mod4-sol/ will not load correctly because it doesn’t exist. I’ve tried it myself and have been able to load every other directory including ass-mod-4, mod-3-solution, and mod2-solution.

Make sure that you have the correct directory names in your repository if you want to visit them through GitHub Pages. You can always just use those names in the URL in place of mod4-sol too. Hope this helps!