404 Error on files that exist in the proper place

This is my first attempt at using GH Pages, and I have a pretty simple blog site created with Vuejs. I’ve created my repo (https://github.com/wonder95/smga), then deployed the built code to a gh-pages branch, and the settings are pointed to the gh-pages branch.  However, I get a WSOD when I try to view my site, and when I look in the console, I get a list of messages that the referenced files can’t be found. When I look in the /static directory in gh-pages, though, all of the files that it says are missing are actually there  where they’re supposed to be in relation to index.html.

 You can see those files in the gh-pages branch. What do I need to do to get the site to display?

UPDATE:  It was pointed out to me elsewhere that that requests for the files are missing the /smga part of the URL. I’ve set this up according to the instructions, and https://wonder95.github.io/smga is the path automatically created for me. How do I fix this?

Hi @wonder95,

It’s somewhat hard to read your index.html file in your gh-pages branch since it’s minimized. When I pull up the site itself though, I see no content in the body of the html page itself, nor am I getting 404 pages in my console.