404 Error found When I uploading Wordpress folders and file (pages)

Hey, My name is Wali Muhammad. I am a front-end developer. Recently I upload my WordPress website on GitHub. all the steps are correct but when I publish my pages it shows 404 found errors.

My steps include:

  1. New repo creation
  2. Write all git commands properly 100% correct
  3. after uploading all folders and files I created another branch
  4. After that I go to setting > Github pages > select the branch and save it

then it gives me the link to publish pages.
Link: https://wali-muhammad-memon.github.io/Github/
My profile link: Wali-Muhammad-memon · GitHub

Now plz tell me that is there any steps that I missed from the above steps?
if yes then tell me plz I will be very thankful to you.

Or if anyone knows how to fix this problem plz guide me.

GitHub Pages only supports two types of websites:

  1. Jekyll (markdown based CMS, dynamic website).
  2. Static HTML (by adding a .nojekyll empty file in the website root).

GHPages doesn’t expose to end users languages like PHP for building dynamic websites, or databases, CGI, etc. — it’s not an Apache or nginx like server, it’s a dedicated service for either Jekyll or static HTML.

If you’re planning to manage a WordPress website using Git and GitHub, the best solution would be to host the sources in a GitHub repository, but then deploy the needed files to a WrodPress dedicated website (e.g. on WordPress.org).