404 Error deploying a new site

Hi, I am trying to deply my first site, but I can´t.
I am not pretty sure which is the repository name. But I have everything here: GitHub - nicobonder/contentwriter: Mi página como escritor de contenido

And the link that should open the site is: Nico Bonder Content Writer

I also tried with: /index.html in the end of the url and didn´t work.

I hope you be able to help me.


There is no index.html file at the top of your repository, that’s why you can’t load it. If you add mi_foto.jpg to the end of the URL your picture loads just fine, so the Pages deployment worked. You just have to create the actual site. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thanks for your reply. I put the index.html in the main folder. Now I can open the Home: https://nicobonder.github.io/contentwriter/
But it doesnt have the CSS and the JS. And doesnt open the other pages.
If I check opening with Live Server from VS Code, I can see everything workin well, so I dont know where is the problem.

The problem is that you’re using absolute links, not relative, e.g. here for the stylesheet:

From https://nicobonder.github.io/contentwriter/ a link to /Styles/estilo.css resolves to https://nicobonder.github.io/Styles/estilo.css, which doesn’t exist. You need to use relative links (e.g. Styles/estilo.css) to make links resolve relative to the current page. Note that for pages in subdirectories you may need to go up (../) in the hierarchy.

I made the correction, now I have:


I also changed the links to the other pages, now I have:

  • I dont know what else should I do.

    It’s not really clear what problem you have now, but the page sources still seem to have a lot of absolute links (including for pictures).