401 Authorization Required for private Github Page

Hi folks,

When I create a Github page from a private respository, I get 401 Auth required. No login dialogue pops up. How do we enable private pages?

Ah. Very confusingly, this only works on a paid account. The fact that the feature is behind a pay wall is OK by me. The fact that I can configure it on my free account, get Github login page, and then get an nginx error is a UX bug.

:wave: Welcome!

When I try to do this, I see:

Was your repository previously public?

I saw no such banner.

The workflow I had:

  1. Create a repository in an organization with paid subscription
  2. Fork repository (repo stays private, it’s under “my” organization, i.e. under my username
  3. I can enable pages without issues, it just does not work as described above.