3D viewer and error 400

Hi all,

I’m using the 3D viewer on my GitHub pages, but in the last months does not appear anything on my website, and inspecting there is this error:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 ()

I follow the documentation below, but it does not work.

I made my link, linking a file from another public repository:

File reference: nanosaur/base_front.stl at 5887fda04c0bf64af3e6b5beec93ca15c125ece0 · rnanosaur/nanosaur · GitHub

<script src="https://embed.github.com/view/3d/rnanosaur/nanosaur/master/nanosaur_description/meshes/base_front.stl"></script>

The page is: 3D print - nanosaur

Thank you in advance for your support.


Weird. According to the docs this should indeed work. Any idea since when this is a problem? Do you know if you made significant changes yourself?

Yes, exactly

I really do not understand the reason. This STL is under 10MB, and I follow the documentation.

Do you know what I should do to enable it again?

Thank you in advance

Yes, you seem to be indeed doing everything right from my point of view as well. I’ve flagged this issue for review by moderators, but am unsure how much they can do. Some options for you:

  1. Wait;
  2. Try to bring it up in the Feedback repo;
  3. Contact Support;

I hope this gets fixed soon!

Thank you @mpboom !

I will do now :slight_smile:

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