3D Tetris game Blockout in JavaScript / HTML5

I have found a source code in JavaScript/HTML5 to a 3D Tetris DOS game from 1989 called BlockOut.



Now I have got help from fiverr to make it look like the original so now it looks like this.


I try to learn to code so now I have a question.
When I start the game page then there is no green level frame, down left.
It shows up first when I start the game and when a level get a cube then you get a cube with thats layers color.
But I would like to get the green frame to show up all the time, like in the original game.

I guess I am to look for some kind of “class” or “id” in the javascript code,
that stand for the green frame,
to paste in to the index.html , like this, I have in the index.html file.

                    <span class="speed_label_text">SPEED</span>
		<span id="rotSpeed" title="Change Rotation speed"> 

it is probably to look something like this

                   <span class="green_frame_down_left">GREENFRAMEDL</span>
		<span id="greenframe" title="green frame down left"> 

Am I on the right track?

M.Sc. MagI


I have now developed it to this on my server and it have a global scoreboard.

If you remember this game from 1989-1991 and want to help make it to look and work more as the original from 1989 then just contact me.


Did you play this 3D Tetris game 1989-1990 ?

I have now a stabile version of this 3D Tetris game called BlockOut and it work ok.
If you remember it please try it and tell me if you miss something.

Regards MagI