360 Camera live stream with Python

Hey everyone,

I’am new on github but I am beginning a new projet and I need help since I can’t find what I’am looking for. Basically, I would like to access a 360 camera live stream and adjust the displayed view using a Python code  instead of mobile apps and gyrsocopic values. I’ve started doing some research on which camera allows to be controlled by CPU but I can’t find one. They all request a mobile app connection, or to record video on an SD card and transfert to a PC.

I was wondering if anyone was able to get a 360 camera stream with python via wifi (or other languages) and if so, which model did you use?

Thank you very much!

Long time ago something help me with a small project, you could check this github repo 


Are you using a specific camera ?

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Thank you @h3ct0rjs , it is quite interesting! No I am not using a specific camera. In fact I haven’t bought anyting since I don’t know wich one I should use and I don’t want to spend 300$ on a 360 camera if I can’t use it the way I want. I will probably try an arducam or equivalent with 180 span or something like the repo you suggested and simply work on the live stream aspect for now. I would’ve like a 360cam that gets 360 live display just like a webcam, but this could be a good way around.