30 Minutes top Merge: GitHub Actions (3PM PST)


You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Welcome to the 30 Minutes to Merge Series.

Our monthly 30 minutes training session, enabled by GitHub’s Implementation Engineers, hosted by @beardofedu, live-streamed via Twitch , and with a followup up written Q&A right here in the community.

In this edition, we’ll learn from GitHub’s Staff Developer Advocate @bdougie.

Live via Twitch
Q&A to follow the presentation in this event topic.

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We are live via Twitch: GitHub - Twitch

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GitHub - Twitch
Thank you for joining us live!

Welcome to our post event Q&A, we are excited to be joined by @bdougie and @beardofedu.

We are standing by live to answer your questions about the GitHub Actions and PR’s. To submit a question, click “Reply”.

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Potentially unpopular question: “Is GitHub Actions dashboard the most requested feature?” :grin:


Right out of the gate with the heavy hitter :grin: , I definitely hear requests for a GitHub Actions dashboard. If you had the Actions dashboard of your dreams, what information would it include? :rofl:


Thinking small here, like a button under “Your repositories” that could be worded like “Your actions/runners/robots” depending on the most popular and useful use case - the most important information here would be the ability to see parallel execution across repositories as well as some critical metrics. A somewhat balanced mix of observability and user experience, potential ability to run X actions in a repo based on a filter or query, ability to run a filter or query on action name across multiple repositories.

TL;DR: add features to remove ui interactions that require many clicks


For those that joined and watched click the link workflow_dispatch: and end, turns out it worked and did not fail :slight_smile:

Also the automatic commit from the triggered action.

And the link to the mouthpiece repo.

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Ever get a request for some sort of yaml linting inside web UI for editing workflows? If it’s there I don’t think I know how to use it.

Recording here: Why doesn’t my GitHub Action run automatically from a fork? #30MinutesToMerge - YouTube](Why doesn't my GitHub Action run automatically from a fork? #30MinutesToMerge - YouTube)

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