30 Minutes to Merge: DevOps with @jasonetco

Welcome to the 30 Minutes to Merge Series!

Our monthly 30 minutes training session, enabled by GitHub’s Implementation Engineers, hosted by @beardofedu, live-streamed via http://twitch.tv/github, and with a followup up written Q&A in GitHub.Community.

In this edition, we’ll learn from GitHub’s Senior Engineer @jasonetco from GitHub’s special projects team, the team is focused on making an impact, helping users work faster, and improving the developer experience.


We are live: Come for @beardofedu’s majestic beard and stay for the learnings! Geeking out with @jasonetco

If you attended the event or not, feel free to drop in your questions here!

I missed the live, but watching the recording now on Twitch!
If anyone’s interested, it’s available here: Twitch

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