2Q - Editing my username in GitHub Community, Deleting Old Posts

Hello! I have two questions:

Q1. I’d like to edit my name in here, but when I click on my Profile Picture > Preferences > Name, I don’t find an input field to change my name.

Q2. If possible, could mod please delete all my old posts? (Including questions, answers, comments, etc.)

Thank you :smiley:

What I mean by deleting all my questions, answers, comments, etc. is just to delete all of my questions, comments, and answers, except for this question…if it’s possible, that is.

Hi @cookibytes,

Thank you for the request. We’ve removed the older topics. You should be able to edit the “name” field in the community forum by editing Settings > Profile > Name in your github.com account. You’ll want to sign out and back into the community for the SSO process to refresh the name field on the community forum after making that change in github.com.

Let us know if that helps!


Hi @nyahbhinghiprincess, thanks, my username thing is fixed, and thanks for closing my posts. However, is there a way to hide my posts? Or delete it from being viewed?

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Hi @cookibytes, that’s great to hear. Each of the topics that you flagged are also unlisted and hidden.

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Hi @nyahbhinghiprincess how come I can still see it though? Also is there a way where I can edit my old posts? I can’t see a pencil icon / button anywhere…but I can see it on my more recent posts.

Hi @cookibytes you will still be able to view the history when logged in. Do you see the same listing under Topics for your profile when viewing it logged out? I can also open the previous topics, so that you can edit them.

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Hi @nyahbhinghiprincess, I can still see some when logged out Also, you don’t need to open the previous topics, but thank you a lot for your help :smiley:

I think that should be it, most of the topics are gone I think. Thank you once again!