2FA Recovery Codes

I have a major issue, I’m not able to get in to my account due to the following events:

Few months back I enabled 2FA thinking this will secure my source code a bit more and saved my initial Recovery Codes.

Few monthes later I renewed my Recovery Codes with a new set and stored it in a safe place.

Fast forward another few monthes I was moving from one employer to another and decided I would go on a vacation inbetween the transition.

While on vacation I lost my iPhone X with Google Authenticator to water damage and had my phone replaced under warranty when I got back.

My laptop with my SSH key is given back to my previous employer.

I reached out to GitHub Support Staff and they havent been much help besides tell me either I need to wait 6 months or create a new account.

Based on the transaction I’ve had with support they’ve informed me that the new recovery keys were never made active (Why i have no idea besides something to do with the flow not being completed) and that the old ones are still active. Which i replaced with the new ones. Not even sure why they would give me new recovery keys without completing the “full flow”.

All they realy need to do is disable 2FA, which by the way they can but refuse to validate my identity. This is a terrible customer experiance IMO.

I was able to recover all my other accounts with NPMJS MS, Goggle. I’m extremly disapointed at the lack of support by GitHub.


Thanks for the feedback.

Our security policies are designed to prevent malicious actors from being able to game the system or use social engineering tactics on our support team to take over people’s accounts. Because people’s GitHub accounts are not only their online identity but in some cases the key to their livelihood, I hope you can understand our need to be cautious. Unfortunately, we here on the Community Forum don’t have access to people’s account details, so there’s nothing we’ll be able to do help resolve the situation either.

We will, however, take your feedback to the appropriate teams and ensure that they understand your dissatisfaction.