20 GB Respository


I have a giant Unity client project. It is 17 gB now, probably will end up being over 50 gB later.

How do I host this? Github doesn’t let you go over 2 gB. Can I host a private server and aim git at it?

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I need to find another backup solution since Unity Collab is buggy. Right now I am just copying to zip drives. Git seems like the right choice. The problem is my project is too massive for github.

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Sure! In the simplest case you can just do everything over SSH to a remote directory, or if you want HTTPS pull access you can make a bare repository available using a web server. There are also git hosting systems you can host yourself, if you want something more fancy (like a web UI).

If you only need a backup you might be better off looking for a backup tool. Git is designed to store the whole history of your project, forever. Backup tools usually only store the latest version plus those from a certain timespan (or number of backups), which saves space.