12 digit mobile phone number not accepted

On the 2 factor security tab, entering my Dutch 12 digit mobile number is not accepted.
Please change this.
Thank you.

:wave: Welcome!

I’d love some more information on this!

Could you please specify what kind of an error you’re receiving when you try and use your number? Are you using a normal Dutch mobile service provider?

Are you seeing this error on a mobile device or in your desktop browser?

The error I see is

We tried delivering an SMS to that number, but the number doesn’t seem to be valid.

It’s a normal Dutch phone number. I use it as VOIP.
06 and 097 numbers are both for speak/talk and data communication. Usually a 06 number is given by a telecom provider.
The provider is in the EU. I did not search for a provider in the Netherlands. I wanted a provider outside the Netherlands.

Read more here. It’s written in Dutch.

The error is visible on Desktop. I don’t have the mobile application installed.

Yes, we do often see issues with VOIP numbers not being able to use SMS for 2FA.

I’d recommend that you use a TOTP authentication application in this case, as it will be more reliable.

I’ve able to receive SMS successfully from various numbers. Github would be the first to reject.
Would this rejection be on my side or yours?

The error message is displayed when our service providers return an error. I’m afraid we don’t get much detail on that.

We use two different mobile service providers: Nexmo and Twilio. I’ve switched the one active on your account so you can try that again. That said - if you can receive an SMS but only from one provider, that increases your likelihood of being locked out of your account so please make sure you keep your recovery codes and set other backup methods.

If it doesn’t work, I’m afraid you will have to stick with TOTP for now. We can only send SMS where our providers have the correct agreements in place.

Perhaps you can file an issue/ticket with your 2 providers?

If you would like to see if this can be looked into further, you can open a ticket with support. Be sure to include your full mobile number and the name of your provider. (please do not add your mobile number here, just in the private ticket).

I can’t guarantee anything but they might be able to see more in the logs when they’re able to look at your specific number.

I did file an issue. Softly said, it’s kind of ridiculous that I have to do all of this…