10 Things That Would Make GitHub Actions Even Better

I published an article earlier today with a list of 10 (+1) improvements I believe should be made to GitHub Actions to enhance developers’ experience. I’d be curious to know what folks here in the community think about these suggestions and whether I’ve missed anything. Thanks!

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My big like, very valuable points!
Agree, Github actions GUI is still immature and not enough flexible.

There are several GitHub Actions you can add to your workflows to send notifications to a Slack channel.

Slack notifications are a must-to-have today, but I couldn’t find an action that allows to use it without coding.
I use voxmedia/github-action-slack-notify-build, but 1) you have to set notification color manually and 2) it doesn’t allow to all custom body.

Another field where I’d like to see better documentation and support it’s self-hosted runners. I encountered a weird issue, seems me very stupid, but no answers yet: How to launch a few self-hosted runners instances from an image? .