"(1 issue needs help)" won't go away

I added a label “Good first issue” to an issue, which automatically created a link “(1 issue needs help)” when browsing for the repository. I have since removed the label and even closed the issue entirely, but the link is still there. It just leads to an empty issue search. I have even tried closing ALL issues, but it’s still there. Is there any way I can get Github to recalculate how many issues need help, or something like that to get rid of the link?


Might be just a cache issue. See also:

Caching is a good theory, however I noticed someone else with the same issue, and someone on staff said it can sometimes get stuck. It looks like his issue didn’t get resolved though because his repo still says one issue needs help even for me and I’ve never been to his repo before so it can’t be cached. And that’s from back in April. Wierd

Yeah, possibly there might be delay on indexing updates — just think of how many repositories there are, and the huge number of Issues (no to mention that issues contain labels, cross-Issues XRefs, @mentions, etc., which add further cross references). All that must be stored in some humongous database (maybe multiple distributed DBs), so chances are that re-indexing is going to be a long-lasting operation now and then.

For the benefit of anyone else who runs into this, I opened a support ticket and GitHub staff was able to run a script to recalculate that value, which fixed the issue. Thanks!