"1 issue needs help" stays even after removing the label

I’ve accidentally added the “help wanted” label to the issue in my repository and soon removed it. Though, the corresponding mark is still there even if I don’t have any appropriate issues anymore (about 3 days have passed already). What can I do?

1.png 2.png

Hi @ussserrr - thanks for reaching out in our community forums. 

The status of issues can get stuck in the issue index sometimes. Usually this resolves itself, but we can also manually re-index the repo index for you too. 

I have gone ahead and done this for you. If this doesn’t resolve the problem let me know! 

Thanks! Do you see a label now (here for example)? Cause I am for sure. Probably, something other should be done…

OK, so now I close this issue completely and that label is still present.

The label is gone now, finally. After almost 4 months :upside_down_face:. Not sure, what happened though. Maybe folks from the GitHub refresh their DBs recently.

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