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Welcome and Announcements

Introduce yourself to other users, get caught up on announcements, or ask questions about the GitHub Support Community itself here.

GitHub Account Questions

Having problems with your GitHub Account? Get Help here.

How to use Git and GitHub

Ask and answer questions regarding Git and GitHub.

GitHub Actions

Discussion and questions about GitHub Actions—automation for all of your development workflows, now with world-class CI/CD.

GitHub API Development and Support

Discussion and support using the GitHub API, building GitHub Apps, and everything else to do with the GitHub Platform.

GitHub Pages

Discussion and questions about GitHub Pages—websites for you and your projects hosted right on your GitHub repository.

GitHub Packages

Any questions related to GitHub Packages and how to manage your packages; upload, download, and delete. Happy to see questions about our help docs and the core set of clients and services we support but also questions about configuring and using alternate clients are welcome.

GitHub Learning Lab

Going through GitHub Learning Lab courses? Ask questions or start a discussion here.

Codespaces Beta

Codespaces provide instant developer environments right from your repo. With a Codespace you can get the full VS Code experience inside of GitHub so you can write, build, test, and debug your code all from the browser. To sign up for the waitlist for Codespaces beta, go to


Find information about upcoming GitHub events and discover developer meetups and other related events online and in your area.

Programming Help and Discussion

Need help with programming concepts or want to talk about programming tools, languages, and frameworks? This board is the place for you!

Project Development Help and Advice

Get help and advice from fellow GitHub users on your projects.